Repurpose 6" Compostable Plates

6 inch plates (15.2 cm). 20 quality high fives to you. Cut the cake. Not a tree. We all want to do better by the earth. But lunch, parties, leftovers, life. We get it - some days you could really use a disposable plate. These plates are upcycled from wood and sugarcane scrap that would have been thrown away. They're strong, durable, and convenient so you can get life done without doing the dishes. We believe environmentalism should be easy. All the credit. None of the work. Take a seat. Have your cake. Toss your plate. You're welcome. Durable, leak & cut resistant. Freezer safe. Microwave safe. For now not forever. Upcycled & renewable product materials. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. (at)repurpose. Packaging made from 85% post consumer recycled material. USDA Certified Biobased Product. Product 100%. Made in Taiwan.