Yakami Orchards Yuzu Juice

Clean and pure, the hard work is done. Your new favorite citrus fruit. Quick Facts Origin: Japan Unit Size: 12 OZ The Flavor Experience The juice of this beloved Japanese citrus fruit combines the resinous qualities of a grapefruit, the brightness of a citron, and the floral sweetness of a tangerine. It took a lot of squeezing of these little fruit to get all this liquid (fortunately, that part has been done), but you’ll never squeeze another lemon or lime once you taste the harmonious flavor of Yakami Orchards’ Yuzu Juice. The Story The yuzu, Citrus junos, is the most popular citrus fruit in Japan, though the fresh product is rarely found in the United States. When it was first introduced to Japan, from mainland China, the yuzu was primarily used for medicinal purposes (it remains a popular addition to a soothing bath) but quickly became incorporated into the cuisine. Yakami Orchards is located in the Miyazaki Prefecture, the coastal breezes of which contribute to one of the finest citrus-growing regions known worldwide. Usage Tips You’ll use Yakami Orchards’ Yuzu Juice in all your favorite dressings and marinades, especially those with some East Asian influence. Use it to zest-up some homemade Mayonnaise, then dress a bite of Wakame Rice Cracker topped with Scottish Smoked Salmon and Petrossian Salmon Roe. Yuzu makes a marvelous and refreshing (read: bright AND novel) addition to salmon or beef tartare, too. Of course, there are cocktails to be had. Just when you thought a Gimlet was getting tired, enter yuzu juice, and you’re mind is changed. A splash of crème de cacao will add some depth and control the acid. Pair this drink with an herbal cheese, like Pecorino Ginepro or Vento d’Estate, drizzled with a bold olive oil (try Laudemio). No one else’s deck party has THIS happening (yet).