Regalis Sea Buckthorn Preserves

Unique preserves reminisent of green apple, pineapple, and passion fruit.  Quick Facts Origin: United States - New York Unit Size: 7.5 oz The Flavor Experience Sea Buckthorn hails from Siberia, a place not typically known for its tropical fruity flavors. Still, these tiny berries pack major flavor--a sweetness similar to passion fruit with a tart bite that will remind you of fresh pineapple. Spiked thorns between each berry make the harvesting process quite the undertaking, which is why this highly-sought-after fruit all the more incredible. The Story Since 2012, Manhattan-based Regalis has purveyed some of the world’s rarest foods to Michelin-starred restaurants and home cooks alike. Rare gems like imported caviar and fresh truffles are regular finds for founder Ian Purkayastha, a 27-year-old Arkansas native.  Usage Tips An ideal spread for crispy toast with your morning coffee, or added to a cheese plate to compliment Roquefort, Pecorino, or a Manchego.