First Field First Field Mushroom Garlic Sauce

The Italian trifecta comes together in one unforgettable sauce.  Quick Facts Origin: United States – New Jersey  Unit Size: 24 oz. The Flavor Experience Making the perfect pasta sauce doesn’t require dozens of ingredients (or additives for that matter). All you need are farm-fresh tomatoes, smoky porcini mushrooms, and, of course, a healthy serving of extra virgin olive oil. Simmer those slowly, and magic happens. For those of us who are still not to be trusted with a saucepan, First Field Mushroom has you covered.  The Story Named after the farmers’ first field dedicated to tomatoes, First Field prides themselves on their Jersey roots. Sourced from small, organic, local farms in New Jersey, each bottle is BPA-free, non-GMO, and made from all-natural ingredients.  Usage Tips Ideal for stirring in with a mushroom ravioli, or vegetable ragu. Be sure to have a hearty slice of bread alongside your dish to soak up anything your fork may have missed!