La Fede La Fede Italian Whole Peeled Tomatoes

Rich, meaty tomatoes, you can have any time.  Quick Facts Origin: Italy   Unit Size: 28 oz. The Flavor Experience La Fede satisfies your appetite for Italian and thirst for creativity. These whole tomatoes are picked at the optimum time to allow for a fresh, full-bodied flavor that makes stews and sauces taste like you grew the ingredients in your own backyard.    The Story La Fede translates to "the faith," and La Fede Italian Foods has been inspiring faith in its customers since 1936. It's founder, Vincenzo Farinella, immigrated to America in the early 1900s and soon after began importing coveted San Marzano Tomatoes for local Italians in the Northern New Jersey area. The business has since grown and evolved over the last 80 years to become a trusted importer of quality specialty Italian canned produce. Usage Tips Simmer for sauces, stews, and authentic "gravy" with a dash of fresh herbs to taste.