Vera Pasta Radiatori Traditional

The little ruffled ridges feel fun on your tongue. Said to resemble radiators (hence the name), these little guys are great in thicker sauces. Quick Facts Origin: West Chester, PA Unit Size: 16 oz. The Flavor Experience Made with high-quality flour and formed on bronze molds, Vera Pasta Radiatori Traditional is an authentic noodle experience for the pasta lover in all of us. The Story Raised in West Chester, PA with family roots in the Abruzzi region of Italy, Chef Joe D’Andrea grew up cooking large Sunday dinners with his grandmother. Learning to make fresh pasta while studying in Parma and working in Michelin-starred restaurants in both New York and Italy, Joe started Vera Pasta as a side project upon his return to the US. Vera Pasta has since grown into a fully-fledged business, and we are proud to represent this hometown hero. Usage Tips Great for thicker sauces and in soups!