Pistachio Spread

This pistachio spread is perfectly sweet, with just a hint of saltiness. It is made by Marco Colzani near Lake Como, Italy. One of Marco's core beliefs is that sweet things should be simple. In fact, this pistachio spread contains just 4 ingredients: Sicilian pistachios, olive oil, cane sugar, sea salt. 40% of this spread is pistachios! Marco’s pistachio spread does not include artificial preservatives or palm oil. Marco sources the pistachios himself in Sicily and he makes this spread at his family’s pastry shop. He has invented this recipe to highlight the natural flavor of the pistachio. You can practically taste the Sicilian sunshine inside each spoonful of this spread. Marco's secret to rendering a pistachio spread with this much pistachio flavor is slow drying and slow toasting of the pistachios at an extremely low temperature. The uses for this pistachio spread are endless. It can be used as a killer icing for a cake & cupcakes. Not to mention it is incredible on fresh bread, over ice cream and pie, in a crostata, in a crepe, on pancakes, or yes, just with a spoon.