Campanini Campanini Arborio

The rice of Risotto, as most of us know it. Quick Facts Origin: Italy Unit Size: 16 oz. The Flavor Experience A wide, long grain with a central wide pearl, Arborio is the most well known Italian rice that is famously used for risotto. It's got a high starch content and during cooking, the external part of the grain cooks more quickly than the central part, which stays "al dente" and with a pleasant firm texture.  The Story Now in its third-generation, Campanini is a family-run business, producing several varieties of custom-milled rice, naturally grown in Lombardia and Veneto, at their own specialized riseria in northern Italy. Each step in their small batch production is overseen by a member of the family, ensuring the rice they sell is of the highest quality, without any chemical treatment. Usage Tips It seems redundant to say Risotto, but that's what you should use it for. We say jazz your risotto up with paella broth and unique proteins for something truly special.