Campanini Campanini Carnaroli

Large, firm grains that won’t stick together. This may be the best rice in the world. Quick Facts Origin: Italy Unit Size: 16 oz. The Flavor Experience Much care goes into these kernels, which are ready to soak up plenty of broth and flavor without sticking together. The rice is matured to achieve consistency amongst and within each grain, which is then refined and, get this, enriched with it's own germ, ensuring that nutritional value is maintained without sacrificing the integrity of the grain! Get ready for some serious risotto that will get creamy, not clumpy. The Story Now in its third-generation, Campanini is a family-run business, producing several varieties of custom-milled rice, naturally grown in Lombardia and Veneto, at their own specialized riseria in northern Italy. Each step in their small batch production is overseen by a member of the family, ensuring the rice they sell is of the highest quality, without any chemical treatment. Usage Tips Carnaroli, is THE choice for risotto. We like the robust flavors of Dried Porcini Mushrooms for a dish that need not go on the side of anything: it stands on it’s, save for a few shavings of Parmigiano Reggiano . The possibilities, though, are endless, and Campanini Carnaroli Rice will absorb any flavor you bring it's way and hand it back in a plate of firm but creamy goodness.