Campanini Vialone Nano Rice

A round, short grain rice with a uniform cooking consistency with the perfect amount of bite. This rice packs giant flavor in a 'nano' package. Quick Facts Origin: Italy Unit Size: 16 oz. The Flavor Experience Campanini Vialone Nano Rice is a short grain --"nano" means dwarf in Italian-- but don't let its stature fool you. This rice is specialized for creamy risotto, and is made in small, carefully milled batches. It soaks up liquid like a sponge, but still maintains its firm texture and bite. The Story Vialone Nano Rice is the traditional rice from the Veneto and Mantua regions of Italy. Now in its third-generation, Campanini is a family-run business, producing several varieties of custom-milled rice, naturally grown in Lombardia and Veneto, at their own specialized riseria in northern Italy. Each step in their small batch production is overseen by a member of the family, ensuring the rice they sell is of the highest quality, without any chemical treatment. Usage Tips This little grain has an unquenchable thirst: it can absorb twice its weight in liquid, making it ideal for risotto or other creamy rice dishes. Mix with vegetables or well-seasoned meats, for a dish so delicious you'll want to lick the bowl.