Rancho Gordo Rancho Gordo Marcella Cannellini

Creamy beans that will bring an extra 'oomph' to your dish. Quick Facts Origin: United States  - California  Unit Size: 16 oz. The Flavor Experience These thin-skinned cannellini are named after a donna famosa, Marcella Hazan. Her passion for these humble beans inspired Rancho Gordo to grow the Italian Sorana seed stock in their California neighborhood. Creamy, simple, as tasty smashed as they are left whole in your pasta, just add some herbs, and you have a whole new protein to bring to pasta dishes.  The Story These aren’t your average beans. Rancho Gordo works with small farmers in Mexico to help support indigenous crops in the country. Rancho Gordo buys beans directly from family farms who are striving to continue heirloom varieties. The result tastes delicious, gives back, and preserves rich tradition. Usage Tips Cook slow, stir occasionally — don’t give them too much love while they cook. Enjoy whole in a pasta e fagioli, puree into creamy pea soup, or mash and add cracked pepper atop a cracker.