Rustichella D'abruzzo Bucatini

Your new go-to for tomato-based gravies.  QUICK FACTS Origin:  Italy Unit Size:  500 grams THE FLAVOR EXPERIENCE These hollow, or "pierced," noodles bring uniqueness to hearty pasta dishes. In Rome, Bucatini is traditionally served with a spicy sauce, with dried chiles and rich guanciale. Still, the thickness holds up just as well in seafood dishes like sardines and tomato sauce (a Sicilian take).  THE STORY  Rustichella d'Abruzzo is a mecca for pasta. With dozens of sizes, shapes, and styles, it's a brand trusted by chefs around the world for authentic, hand-crafted varieties.  USAGE These hearty strands are porous and pierced to absorb any and all the sauces you throw at them. Mix in cured pork and chiles for a traditional Roman dish Alla Amatriciana with grated pecorino, or serve in a white wine butter garlic sauce with fresh spinach and shiitake mushrooms.