Gilda's Biscotti Gilda's Almond Anise Biscotti

Handmade Biscotti made in old world style, wholesome small batches. Gilda's Almond Anise Biscotti combines the subtly sweet almond flavor with the robust flavor experience of anise. A gem in the world of gourmet biscotti. The Story It all started in a small apartment in Haddonfield, NJ in 1996 after Gilda Doganiero left her pastry chef position at the Four Seasons Hotel. Gilda felt the absence of authentic biscotti in Philadelphia and opportunity knocked when she met up with the two owners of La Colombe Torrefazione and began making biscotti for their cafe in exchange for free espresso. Since then, the small wholesale bakery has recently relocated to Salem, NJ and they are still creating the best traditional biscotti by hand, everyday. Gilda's Biscotti is dedicated to the preservation of the old style of baking. By using only wholesome, high quality ingredients in small batches, they are able to create the finest, freshest, most authentic biscotti possible. Usage Tips Absolutely divine when dipped in or crunched alongside espresso, hot chocolate, or coffee. It's a combination rooted in ritual and tradition, delectable and bliss-inducing. Gilda’s Biscotti comes in seven delicious flavors: vanilla bean, almond anise, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate espresso, cherry pistachio, lemon fig and candied orange almond. Dad’s Midnight Stash is a combination of all seven scrumptious flavors!