Three Little Pigs Whole Wheat Petits Toasts

Crisp and crunchy with slight graininess. A whole-wheat canvas to express your pairings. Quick Facts Origin: Holland Unit Size: 2.75 OZ The Flavor Experience With a mellow, hearty sweetness, these bite-sized pieces of toast are crisp and crunchy with the light graininess of whole wheat. They make an ideal base for canapés, pâtés, and cheese. The Story Petits toasts are imported from Holland by Les Trois Petits Cochons, the esteemed charcuterie, importer, and producer of artisanal pâtés, mousses, terrines, and smoked meats established in 1975 in Greenwich Village, New York. Usage Tips Try pairing Whole Wheat Petits Toasts with Smoking Goose’s cold-smoked elk terrine or a robust cheddar like Isle of Mull, whose boozy sharpness would strike a lovely balance with the dense sweetness of these crackers.