Nora Crispy Spicy Flavor Seaweed Snacks 1.13 Oz

Did you know? Seaweed is the most nutrient dense vegetable on the planet, and one of the word's sustainable crops: needs to fertilizers, no fresh water and removes CO2 from our oceans! Plant based, fully renewable and great taste - yum! Did you know? Our packs provide a great moisture and light barrier for your favorite spices, coffee, rice, you name it - just rinse and reuse! No passport required. You marveled at the foot of the world's largest brass buddha in Todai-ji Temple. After a cozy squeeze through the buddha's nostril it was time for a beer and some ramen. You're not in Nara anymore, but Nara Crispy Spicy Seaweed Snacks have an authentic Japanese crunch that you may just find - enlightening. Take a little trip with nora.