Ferrara Torrone Almond Honey Nougat 18 Ct

18 assorted pieces, individually boxed vanilla, orange & lemon flavors. Gluten free. Fine Italian products since 1892. In Cremona, Italy in 1441 - at the wedding celebration of Francesco Sforza to Biance Maria Visconti, the buffet featured a delicious sweet made of nutmeats, honey and egg whites. It was fashioned in the shape of the famous tower of Cremona known as Torrione - hence the name Torrone. Ferrara Torrone is prepared from the finest ingredients according to an original Old World recipe. We blend crunchy almonds, smooth golden honey, pure cane sugar, fluffy egg whites and other quality ingredients to create a light, smooth nougat. No artificial coloring or preservatives are ever added. Ferrara Torrone brings to your table a confection that is created with pride and in the best spirit of its tradition. Enjoy! A Legacy of Quality: Producer and importer of over 200 superb Italian specialties, Ferrara dates its origins to 1892 when Cafe Ferrara first opened its doors for opera lovers seeking like-minded company and refreshment. (Caruso especially loved the cookies). Owned by the family and founder Antonio Ferrara and renowned for Old World ambiance, this landmark cafe located in the heart of New York City's Little Italy still serves delectable pastries with freshly ground Italian coffees - and is legacy of quality, freshness and customer service continues to flourish in the exceptional product of the Ferrara brand name. www.Ferrarabrand.com. Product of Italy.