Mulino Bianco Mulino Bianco Macine Cookies

Nibbleable wafer-rings, ready for dunking. The delightful biscuit that will become a cabinet staple. Quick Facts Origin:  Italy Unit Size: 12.3 oz. The Flavor Experience The wheel-shaped Macine are rich with butter and egg, with not-too-sweet quality that won’t have you overdoing it (you want more than one, right?). With the ideal cookie texture, bite-ability leading into delicate crumbles, there is no cookie task Mulino Bianco Macine Cookies can’t accomplish. The Story The signature richness of Macine comes from their enrichment with cream, because since when was butter enough on its own? These cookies are a grocery store staple in Italy, so evoke those semesters abroad and long, dreamy vacations with a bag of the treats from Mulino Bianco. Usage Tips We love to fill Macine with Tait Farm’s Raspberry Jam, fresh ricotta, and a sprinkling of Jacobsen Pinot Noir Sea Salt, whose raspberry notes really shine on this canvas. A steaming pot of tea feels right at home with these buttery wheels, and a spoonful of Japanese Ginger Marmalade is a delight for either.