Ny Shuk Ny Shuk Harissa Crackers

Stone-milled with a hint of heat.  Quick Facts Origin: United States - New York Unit Size: 4 oz./133 grams The Flavor Experience Flavor matters, even in a humble cracker. So, when NY Shuk decided to bring their celebrated harissa seasoning to a cracker, we had to give them a try. Chili pepper and paprika bring a smokey heat without overpowering your palate. Stone-milled wheat gives each square enough strength to hold hearty cheeses and spreads without sacrificing their crunch.  The Story East meets West for the cracker collaboration the world needed. New York-based Shuk and Arizona-based Hayden Flour Mills came together to reimagine the standard cracker. Made with all-natural ingredients, and carefully-selected spices each bite is a subtle piece of paradise for all five senses. Usage Tips Enjoy straight from the box as a quick-yet-flavorful snack, or pair with a decadent homemade hummus.