Town House Crackers Keebler, Pretzel Crackers, Garlic Herb

Keebler Town House Pretzel FlipSides Garlic Herb Crackers feature an irresistible 2-in-1 pretzel-cracker crunch in every bite. With a pretzel on one side and a cracker on the other, these incredible savory bites make a wonderful stand-alone snack and go great with dips, cheese, fruit preserves, deli meats, and more. Each serving is deliciously cholesterol free (2g polyunsaturated fat; 1g monounsaturated fat), low in saturated fat (contains 3.5 grams total fat per serving), and made with 0 grams trans fat (2g polyunsaturated fat; 1g monounsaturated fat; See nutrition information for sodium content). Your guests will love Garlic Herb FlipSides as an addition to the party spread or appetizer course - serve them alongside dips, cheeses, deli meats, or sliced veggies and watch them disappear. Pack FlipSides in your tote, lunchbox, or backpack when preparing for an excursion, because you never know when you'll want a crunchy, flavorful snack. Whether you're snacking on the go, or just munching around the house, Keebler Town House Pretzel FlipSides Garlic Herb Crackers offer a delectable, 2-in-1 bite that's one of a kind.A little bit pretzel, a little bit cracker, a whole lot delicious; Keebler Town House Pretzel FlipSides Crackers provide a fun, 2-in-1 crunch with every biteThin, crispy, and delightfully crunchy, our Pretzel FlipSides Garlic Herb are great for snacking and go perfectly with soup and salad, dips, cheese, and deli toppingsOven-baked and made with bold garlic flavor and a savory blend of herbs; Cholesterol free (2g polyunsaturated fat; 1g monounsaturated fat); Low saturated fat (contains 3.5g total fat per serving); See nutrition info for sodium contentStock your home pantry and keep on hand at the office; Great for party spreads; A travel-ready food; Kosher Dairy; Contains wheat, milk, and soy ingredientsIncludes 1, 9.2-ounce box of ready-to-eat Town House Pretzel FlipSides Garlic Herb Crackers; Packaged for freshness and great taste