Di Bruno Bros. Lenka Cranberry Granola Bar

Delicious and nutritious (yes, both) granola bars in a variety of flavors, coming out of York, PA. Quick Facts Origin: York, Pennsylvania Unit Size: 2.25 oz. The Flavor Experience Since not everything that we eat can be cheese or meat, Lenka bars are here to make healthy eating taste good. These small batch organic granola bars are handcrafted in a variety of different tasty flavors. In addition to its delightful organic granola base, this bar  is chock full of craisins, chocolate chips and honey.  The Story Lenka makes her bars are made with organic granola in small batches in York County, Pennsylvania. Small batch production ensures that customers only get the freshest product, time after time.  Usage Tips Eat on the run, or crumble over your morning yogurt or evening ice cream.