Vosges Black Salt Caramel Bar 70% Cacao

Vosges® Black Salt Caramel Bar 70% Cacao. Haut chocolate. Black Hawaiian sea salt. Burnt sugar caramel. Dark chocolate. Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients. GMO free. GF, gluten free. How to enjoy an exotic chocolate bar: Breathe... Engage your senses. Take three deep ujjayi breaths, quiet the chattering mind and be in the present moment. See... There should be a glossy shine to the chocolate bar indicating a tight bond between the cocoa butter and the cocoa mass. Smell... Rub your thumb on the chocolate bar's surface to help release the fruity, cacao laden aromas. Inhale deeply. Snap... Break the bar in two pieces. Listen to the soft break, exposing the chocolate bar's molten caramel interior. Taste... Place a small piece of chocolate on your tongue and press it to the roof of your mouth. Within thirty seconds the chocolate square will melt, releasing a bouquet of rich burnt caramel notes with the essence of black Hawaiian salt. Black Hawaiian salt or Hiwa Kai is a blend of sea salt and volcanic charcoal. The salt is harvested naturally in ocean pools that have formed from past volcanic eruptions. The salt's striking obsidian hue is matched only by its flavor on your palate - slightly nutty and smoky-the perfect combination with caramel and dark chocolate. Peace, Love, and Chocolate®. Katrina. After graduating from Vanderbilt University, Katrina attended Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and then furthered her food studies through extensive world travel. Beginning in Spain and working with the great Adria brothers of El Bulli, she continued traveling east studying the indigenous cuisines of Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Thailand, China and Australia. Upon her return, Katrina founded Vosges Haut-Chocolat® with the concept of travel the world through Chocolate™. Her mission is to create a sustainable, luxury chocolate experience while bringing about awareness of indigenous cultures through the exploration of spices, herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, nuts and the obscure. Made with renewable energy. 100% Recyclable. Certified WBEN Women's Business Enterprise. *Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA (63% Fair Trade Ingredients). Gluten-free. Chocolate bar contains: 70% Cacao solids minimum. Vosges, the Vosges Logo, Vosges Haut-Chocolat and Peach, Love, and Chocolate are registered trademarks of Vosges IP, LLC Chicago, IL 60618. www.vosgeschocolate.com. 1.888.301.YUMM (9866).