Righteous Felon Jerky, Crafted, Beef, Smoke Flavor Added

Sweet kick sauce. Sweet BBQ blend of habaneros & serranos. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Write Your Own Rules: In 1997, a band of three young, small-time crooks developed a recipe for a highly potent substance that went by the street name Jerky. Within weeks, jerky flooded the streets of Chester County, PA. The gang was moving 10 kilos a week - pushing in the back alleys, the street corners, and the recess yards. Supply couldn't keep up with demand, and the boys got sloppy. In the fall of '98, a deal went awry in the 9th-grade hallway bathroom when a teacher caught the boys mid-chew. The three received four hard hours of after-school detention - without parole. Whilst on the inside, they conspired with a cell-mate that went by the name G-off, a notorious carnivore known for two things: a meat distribution network that stretched from Brazil to British Colombia and an insatiable thirst for meat. It was this unlikely cell-mate-ship that would ultimately change the course of jerky trafficking, and American history, forever. Catch the rest of the story at RighteousFelon.com. Instagram: To enter our righteous monthly giveaway, show us your jerk!