Aurora Grace Black Lava Cashew Bark

The secret ingredient that marries sweet and savory.  Quick Facts Origin: Pennsylvania, USA The Flavor Experience There is something about Black Lava Sea Salt that makes it simply irresistible. We’ve added it to cashews, peanuts, our chocolate bars, and now Aurora Grace takes it to the bold place it always deserved to go: Dessert. Not too sweet, not too savory, this chocolate bark is the harmonious blend of both worlds that’s a crowd-pleaser without trying too hard.  The Story Master chocolatier Aurora Wold returned to her roots in Philadelphia after working her way up through the ranks of the New York restaurant scene. In 2017, she opened Aurora Grace, specializing in hand-shelled bonbons, slow-cooked caramel, crisp toffees, and nostalgic favorites.  Usage Share this sinful bark with only the best of friends. Keep to yourself and share only with your favorite glass of pinot.