Freshe Tuna Provence Nicoise

Enjoy 2 for $10 for a limited time!  (Limit 10 units) Transport your taste buds to a hilltop village, surrounded by wildflower fields with just one bite of this zesty tin of tuna. Quick Facts Origin: USA Unit Size: 4.25 oz The Flavor Experience This wild-caught tuna is packed with fire-roasted peppers, zesty herbs, potatoes, and olives so you can dine like the French, wherever you are. The Story After realizing the culinary magic contained in properly-tinned foods, Freshé Meals decided to take their seafood business and create fresh seafood mixed with wholesome vegetables and herbs inspired by traditional recipes all around the globe. Once they created it, they placed inside a single tin! All of the tuna is Friend of the Sea Certified Sustainable Wild Skipjack Tuna, and the meals are verified non-GMO, gluten-free and packed in a BPA-free tin. Usage Tips All Freshé Meals are beautifully prepared to eat right out of the tin. Make the meal even more memorable by tossing it with seasonal mixed greens.