Ortiz White Tuna In Oil

The tastiest, protein-packed fish suitable for snack time or tapas. Quick Facts Origin: Spain Unit Size:  220g The Flavor Experience Mild and meaty chunks of Bonito del Norte, Spain’s favorite tuna. Even though it’s lower in fat than other varieties, white tuna is still full of heart healthy omega-3’s ideal for maintaining a Mediterranean diet. Stock up your pantry to create a tuna “cellar” allowing the fish to improve its superb quality and flavor with age.  The Story Joseph Collins first canned sardines in 1822 on France’s Atlantic Coast. Collins was playing off the recent and absolutely revolutionary bottling techniques of his colleague Nicholas Appert, and it didn't take long for canning to become standard for sardine fisheries. The nutritional benefits of canned sardines cannot be understated. The calcium-rich bones of the fish dissolve during the canning process, leaving all that calcium available to your own body. Like many of our favorite preserved foods, canned sardines can improve over time, so stash a few cans away and save them for a special occasion. Usage Tips Make a tuna sandwich with a crusty baguette, arugula and a little bit of mayo.