Perfect Pairings Gift Box

Fred and Ginger. Marge and Homer. Bread and Butter. Some pairings are just perfect, and we think that's worth celebrating. Why discover one irresistible combination when you can discover many? Here you'll find a delicious gift box filled to the brim with literally perfect pairings. A proper pairing elevates flavors, melds textures, and creates delectable memories. Our expert mongers have collected some of our most popular and enduring pairings. Classic, creative, delectable, perfect.   Smoked Gouda & Beer Spread  (7.6 oz) -  In a nod to traditional beer & cheese spreads, we've blended a splash of brown ale, nutty smoked Gouda, and slightly sweet pimentos to create a creamy, addictive treat.  Aged NY Cheddar  (8 oz) - An extra-aged cheese with sharp & creamy notes hailing from one of the oldest makers in the Empire State. Piave  (8 oz) - Nutty, sweet and brilliant, Piave is a splendid example of the no-nonsense style of cheese making that goes on in the Veneto. Black Lava Cashews (5 oz) -   Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt Cashews are as delicious as they sound like they could be. Blood Orange & Grappa Jam (7.1 oz) -  The perfect blend of subtly sweet, citrusy blood orange with fragrant, sprightly grappa undertones.  Beemster Classic   (8 oz) - Robust with sweet and salty nuances; Bold and firm with a rich, smooth feel; Like windmills and canals, this cheese just screams Holland. Olive Oil Crostini  (7.04 oz) - The distinct flavor of extra virgin olive oil is fused into our crunchy, twice-baked Crostini,which make an ideal snack. White Truffle Honey  (1 oz) -  An authentic Italian product, this aromatic honey is perfect for drizzling over any table cheese or a deep, rich chocolate. Try some, and you’re gonna agree that this might be the most incredible condiment ever. Warning: your friends will be asking for this honey for years to come. Mild Soppressata  (8 oz) -  Our Mild Soppressata is an Italian classic; rustic and savory. Our recipes and process stay true to traditional Italian salami, and are produced with regional Italian spices and the old-world technique of slow air-curing for at least 45 days. Best with red wine, but surprisingly fun with a glass of bubbles too.   PAIRING SUGGESTIONS Smoked Gouda & Beer Cheese Spread with Olive Oil Crostini Creamy, cheesy, beer-y spread on a crunchy crostini makes the perfect bite, any time. Add some classic Italian soppressata for even deeper flavor. Beemster Classic with Black Lava Cashews A salty sweet cheese with a salty sweet crunch. Same goes for the nuts! It's a flavory symphony with a myriad of textures. Piave with White Truffle Honey An old school Italian pairing with the delightfully-balanced sweetness. The cheese is savory with a pineapple finish, while the truffle honey binds the whole bite together and adds an unmatched elegance. Aged White New York Cheddar with Blood Orange & Grappa Jam Salty, smooth Cheddar with subtle sharpness gets a sweet-yet-savory (and slightly boozy) best friend in one of our favorite jams. Add to a hunk of bread and create your new favorite sandwich, or enjoy as a pure pairing. Mild Soppressata with Piave Our soppressata stays true to the old world technique of slow air-curing, with a rustic and savory flavor profile. Play matchmaker by adding Piave, or frankly any of the cheeses included, as the buttery boldness balances the salty bite of the meat. This classic salami is so versatile, you could add a drizzle of honey or a dab of jam for a delectable satisfying bite.