Rancho Meladuco California Dates

Tender little nuggets grown in California sunshine.  Quick Facts Origin:  California Unit Size:  1 lb. The Flavor Experience The dates you cannot miss. Each tasty mouthful brings notes of brown sugar and rich caramel. Rancho Meladuco masters the art of growing dates that are the chewy texture you know (and love) with a melt in your mouth sweetness you won’t want to end.  The Story Rancho Meladuco started their humble harvesting with just four date trees. As their harvests grew, they shared their fruits with friends and family. With the support of those happy taste-testers, Joan Smith decided to take her date farming to the next level. Each hand-packed box of dates is made with traditional farming methods and a little love to match.  Usage Tips Toss the box of chocolates and opt for these instead. Not only are these dates a gorgeous shade of purple, but they’re also decadently sweet without overdoing it.