Ski Queen Classic Creamy Caramel Cheese 8.8 Oz

Sweet brown cheese from the mountains of Norway. Quintessentially Norwegian: Between the fjords and mountains of Norway, traditional Ski Queen Classic brown cheese is made with a mixture of caramelized whey and milk or cream from cows, goats, or both, creating a sweet and classic treat. The full-bodied flavor of creamy caramel adds a zesty sweetness to sauces, pastries and puddings, making Ski Queen Classic a truly versatile ingredient. Add a unique twist to a classic recipe, or serve it the Norwegian way - thinly sliced, with salty butter on bread. Cheese slicer invented by Thor Bjorklund of Lillehammer, Norway. The Perfect Serving: The easiest way to enjoy Ski Queen Classic is to cut yourself a slice with a Norwegian cheese slicer. Invented and patented in Norway in 1927, a cheese slicer gives you just the right amount of brown cheese. Perfect for an open-top sandwich - just like they eat in Norway. Visit us at Made by Tine SA Oslo, Norway.